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Realign and Balance

Singles / 7 Series (Save 10%)
60 Minutes – $150 / $945
90 Minutes – $200 / $1,260

60 min / 90 min
Herbal heat packs and hot stones are used throughout treatment to open your body’s energy meridians. A session of deep relaxation and rejuvenation which relieves tension and aligns your psycho-structural system. With this maintenance program on a regular basis to support the bodies system and lactic acids at bay. Looking for more? Try the Fix for targeted work.

The Fix

Singles / 7 Series (Save 10%)
60 Minutes – $200 / $1,260
90 Minutes – $250 / $1,575

60 min / 90 min
Targeted bodywork, in conjunction with herbal heat packs and heated stones, aimed at deep-rooted pain and specific muscular issues. For the client who needs particular areas restored. Still not enough? Go for the Deconstruct for major bodywork all over the body.


Singles / 7 Series (Save 10%)
60 Minutes – $250 / $1,575
90 Minutes – $300 / $1,890

60 min / 90 min
Herbal heat packs, heated stones, and rigorous bodywork are used simultaneously to detoxify and repair muscles and tissues. Recurring pain, lactic acid build up, sports-related injuries, and other musculo-skeletal complaints will be addressed in this thorough treatment.

Treatment Side Services

Cerebral Spinal Therapy

30 Minutes – $125

A non-invasive, gentle form of bodywork which, using heat, addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum, in order to release compression and alleviate pain and stress.
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Hot Stone Reflexology

30 Minutes – $125

Manipulation of reflex points on the feet, hands, and head which are connected to every part of the body.
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Lymphatic Detox and Drainage

30 Minutes – $125

Improve your body’s immune and waste processing systems with this Add on. Sluggish or clogged lymph flow can devolve into a buildup of harmful substances like lactic and uric acid, which, left unchecked can lead to inflammation, pain, and a decrease in mobility. Lymph Drainage will kick start this invaluable body system and facilitate a toxin flush.
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TMJ Relief

30 Minutes – $125

A non-medicinal way to deal with the pain of TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder). Relieve the pain, clicking, and popping of TMJ with this Add on to your treatment.
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