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The Bartholomew Method 7 series is seven classic appointments from the Realign and Balance, The Fix, and Deconstruct services. Purchasing any one of these packaged series saves you 10%.

Realign and Balance

Singles / 7 Series (Save 10%)
60 Minutes – $150 / $945
90 Minutes – $200 / $1,260

Bartholomew Method – Realign and Balance

60 min / 90 min
The Realign and Balance is a maintenance program designed to keep the body open and free from lactic and uric acid; it’s for people who exercise, eat right, and live a healthy lifestyle.  This treatment includes a full set of herbal heat packs placed on the body, and one basket of stones, which is used to balance and realign major meridians. This treatment is beneficial as weekly maintenance, but should be done a minimum of every 3 weeks in a seven series.
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The Fix

Singles / 7 Series (Save 10%)
60 Minutes – $200 / $1,260
90 Minutes – $250 / $1,575

Bartholomew Method – The Fix

60 min / 90 min
The Fix targeted treatment program uses two sets of herbal heat wraps and multiple buckets of stones on a specific area of the body. The Fix is for people with ongoing issues in one or two specific musculo-skeletal areas. This treatment series should be done weekly, but can also be done as often as every 48 hours.
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Singles / 7 Series (Save 10%)
60 Minutes – $250 / $1,575
90 Minutes – $300 / $1,890

Bartholomew Method – Deconstruct

60 min / 90 min

The Deconstruct reconstruction program is a full body overhaul.  This thorough re-balancing of the psycho-structural system uses multiple herbal heat packs rotated throughout the treatment, as well as multiple buckets of stones.  The Deconstruct utilizes as many of each as are needed.

This service is for people who may burn the candle at both ends and have multiple issues afflicting the body.  A Deconstruct can be done weekly or every 48 hours (up to three times per week) in the seven series. This service is for people who need and/or want a lot of work done.
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Treatment Side Services

Cerebral Spinal Therapy

30 Minutes – $125

A non-invasive, gentle form of bodywork which, using heat, addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum, in order to release compression and alleviate pain and stress.
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Hot Stone Reflexology

30 Minutes – $125

Manipulation of reflex points on the feet, hands, and head which are connected to every part of the body.
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Lymphatic Detox and Drainage

30 Minutes – $125

Improve your body’s immune and waste processing systems with this Add on. Sluggish or clogged lymph flow can devolve into a buildup of harmful substances like lactic and uric acid, which, left unchecked can lead to inflammation, pain, and a decrease in mobility. Lymph Drainage will kick start this invaluable body system and facilitate a toxin flush.
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Jaw relief TMJ/TMD

30 Minutes – $125

A non-medicinal way to deal with the pain of TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder). Relieve the pain, clicking, and popping of TMJ with this Add on to your treatment.
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