Therapeutic Movement

Movement therapy – it’s more than just dance!  It’s all about your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health and well-being.

Do you want to increase your mobility, balance, strength and flexibility?  Prevent injuries? Relieve long-standing pain? Breathe easier and reduce stress? Do you need help to deal with eating disorders or panic attacks?  Are autism or learning disabilities a challenge in your life?

Does this begin to sound like a  “one-cure-fits-all”? Relax. Movement is key to your health and well-being…and has been for centuries!

Indigenous peoples and ancient societies worldwide have used movement, song and dance as part of their spiritual practices, personal and community healing and even self-defence practices.  Whether it’s active dance or passive breathing patterns and the whole movement therapy spectrum in between, the key to your personal health and wellness is reconnecting with self on a physical, emotional and spiritual level.

A trained movement therapist can analyse your movement patterns and suggest new movement patterns to re-educate your body.  Elements of a wide spectrum of movement modalities from ancient dance to pilates, from yoga and qigong to continuum movement, from Feldenkrais to rolfing are pooled together integrated into the movement therapy YOU need.

People of all abilities can benefit from movement therapy.  You don’t need to be one of the super-fit! You can learn how to release tension in your body and carry out your everyday activities with greater ease….or to achieve your peak physical athletic performance.

Your primary focus may be on increasing the abilities of your physical body alone or your focus may be to explore your inner self by learning how to become aware of, explore and process your personal growth.  

Movement therapy can be an effective non-medical, drug-free alternative and holistic therapy method to help you create the healthy lifestyle you know you deserve. With a combination of herbal heat therapy, and even the services we provide will benefit you. Hot stone therapy and cerebral spinal therapy is just for you.

As Breath Creates Balance

Neck Circles, Ankle Circles, Scissor Kicks, Windshield Wipers, Tea Cup and The Rower are all Movement that are done, and formulated sequence of rotations of the joints and stretching of muscles designed to open the major meridians in the body and easy the mind. Finishing up with a full body guide meditation, you will return back feeling rejuvenated and relaxed from this hour long journey inside the body using “low impact with high residual” movements in a series that can be done daily to open the body and release tension gently.

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