Sean Bartholomew’s Biography

As a Holistic Body Therapist for over 15 years Sean Bartholomew knows what goes on inside the human body when it is not taken care of properly.  He ensures a “low impact and high residual” body/mind therapy, both on and off the table and yoga mat.

The program  “The Bartholomew Method” is a proven therapy to realign the major meridians and open up energy paths in the body features Herbal Heat Therapy, Hot Stone Reflexology and Hot Stone Therapy on the body… TMJ relief and Cerebral Spinal Therapy to relive the jaw and neck of lactic acid. 

Sean is the owner and a Master Practitioner / Holistic Body Therapist in beautiful Twin Peaks at Breathe Wellness Center.   Now offering holistic all natural alternatives to attain wellness and a healthy lifestyle to relieve pain and suffering. The Bartholomew Method is also being featured at The ROW DTLA.

As a graduate of the Institute of Psycho Structural Balancing in Los Angeles, he studied multiple massage modalities, Polarity Yoga, Body Posturing and Tai Chi. Putting “all of the work together” just made sense and “life just got easier,” says Sean.

He is so passionate about teaching therapeutic movement, he even made a (soon to be released) Dvd for you to “stay in your practice” at home and on the go.

Sean’s Therapeutic Movement classes and workshops are focused on low impact, gentle bodywork allowing the body to get what it needs to balance and rejuvenate.

Sean and his wife volunteer and lend their expertise at their children’s elementary school, Sean teaching movement classes, and his wife as PTA President and Meet the Masters art teacher.  They are grateful to call the mountain community home.

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