Lymphatic Drainage Detox

Did you know there are almost 1000 lymph nodes in your body? All busy filtering, concentrating, storing pathogens, white blood cells and water materials – all in an effort to drain the body’s tissues.

Lymphatic drainage massage encourages the movement of lymph fluids around the body. Why would your body need help with this? Some health conditions can interrupt the normal flow of lymph resulting in waste and toxins building up in particular areas of the body. TMJ and other jaw issues are classic examples where tightness in the jaw is based on too much lactic and uric acid accumulating in the face, jaw, neck and the lymphatic system.

The Bartholomew method takes lymphatic drainage massage to a higher level. It goes beyond the traditional “small circle” massage which is already known to be effective by incorporating two additional elements – heat and herbs.

Through the use of herbal heat packs and hot stones therapy heat is generated within your body allowing it to relax more fully and giving your therapist the opportunity to “dig deeper.” A deeper level of application of the circular massage movements and other body strokes can be used to break down toxicity in your body, create more fluidity and improve the range of motion.

Lymphatic detox can be both preventative and curative.

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Lymphatic Detox and Drainage - 30 Minute

Improve your body’s immune and waste processing systems with this Add on. Sluggish or clogged lymph flow can devolve into a buildup of harmful substances like lactic and uric acid, which, left unchecked can lead to inflammation, pain, and a decrease in mobility. Lymph Drainage will kick start this invaluable body system and facilitate a toxin flush.

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