Jaw relief  TMJ/TMD

Temporomandibular joint (TMJ), also known as the jaw joint, is where the mandible (jaw bone) and the temporal bone (part of the skull) connect. The TMJ is one of the most complex joints in the body and has many components such as bones, teeth, ligaments, tendons, nerves and muscles. TMJ dysfunction can affect any of the joint components, although most complaints from sufferers seem to involve the muscles.

Spasms and trigger points (knots) can be caused by :

* Muscle overuse from something as simple as chewing gum, or chewing on one side of the mouth
* Stress leading to jaw clenching or teeth grinding
* Trauma, like a blow to the jaw, and
* Bad posture (including holding the head under the chin with the hands when sitting).

All of these can lead to muscle imbalances and therefore joint instability and compensation by the jaw muscles.

Relax!  Not only is there no need to suffer, you can also take preventative action and avoid TMJ or reduce its impact on your well-being and health.

The massage therapy treatment for TMJ dysfunction, Jaw Relief includes relaxing the muscles of the shoulders, neck and chest, as well as more focused treatment of the muscles you use for chewing. It can also involve an intra-oral treatment, where your massage therapist uses a glove and massages the muscles inside the mouth. Your therapist will make sure you are feeling comfortable during the entire session.

In the Bartholomew method we use herbal heat to relax the neck/shoulder/face/chest and jaw muscles before we go inside the mouth with gloves to breakdown and flush out lactic acid that has been building up and blocking range in motion. The treatment will leave you with a new range in motion and relief from pain.

Head Pain, Headache
1. Forehead
2. Temples
3. “Migraine” type
4. Sinus type
5. Shooting pain up back of head
6. Hair and/or scalp painful to touch

1. Pain behind eyes
2. Bloodshot eyes
3. May bulge out
4. Sensitive to light

1. Discomfort
2. Limited opening of mouth
3. Inability to open smoothly
4. Jaw often deviates to the affected side upon opening
5. Locks shut or open
6. Can’t find bite

1. Clenching, grinding at night
2. Localized or generalized soreness of teeth
3. Thermal Sensitivity
4. Abfractions in the gingival thirds
5. Localized or generalized wear facets

TMD Signs & Symptoms

Ear Problems
1. Hissing
2. Decreased hearing
3. Ear pain, ear ache, no infection
4. Clogged, “itchy” ear
5. Vertigo, dizziness
6. Tinnitus

Jaw Problems
1. Clicking, popping jaw joints
2. Grating sound
3. Pain in cheek muscles
4. Uncontrollabe jaw and/or tougue movements

Neck Problems
1. Lack of mobility, stiffness
2. Neck pain
3. Tired sore muscles
4. Shoulder aches and backaches
5. Arm and finger numbness and/or pain

1. Swallowing difficulties
2. Laryngitis
3. Sore throat with no infections
4. Voice irregulatarities
5. Frequent coughing or constant clearing of throat
6. Feeling of foreign object in throat constantly

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Jaw relief TMJ/TMD - 30 Minutes

A non-medicinal way to deal with the pain of TMJ (Temporomandibular joint disorder). Relieve the pain, clicking, and popping of TMJ with this Add on to your treatment.

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