Herbal Heat Packs

The Bartholomew Method Herbal Heat Packs are the most unique packs on the market today.

We use 10 premium essential herbs including lemon verbena, mustard seed, clove, lavender, to name a few.

Our patent-pending, fleece and canvas design provides our customers with healing heat for an extended period of time. The fleece side is used first to start the heating process.  As the herbs penetrate the body causing stimulation of circulation and the break down of toxins, the aromatherapy continues to provide a high level of restorative comfort along with the warmth from the pack.

Our packs are designed with your bodies needs… Overtaxed and tired muscles need MORE to balance them. Our packs are larger and have more herbs than the standard. Our larger packs weigh 9 pounds and the heat lasts longer without any plugs or wires.

Our Facial pillow is designed to cover a larger area and include the Jaw and larger muscle in the neck (sternocleidomastoid).

Our extra large “Body-aid” is great for legs (hamstrings and quads), the back (spinal column), arms (Shoulder to hand meridian) and Chest (Mammary / Lymphatic system).

Our foot bootie has an open toe and heel allowing for the foot to breathe… while covering more area’s of the foot and ankle from all angles (metatarsals, calcaneus, achilles and soleus. as well as the plantar surface)

Heating Instructions

Our herbal heat packs can be heated in a microwave, hot caddy, or oven using an oven safe bag.  ( to help prevent overheating  move the pack surround after a few minutes , please be careful not to burn the herbs)
*When the pack is heated, the canvas side can be at least 20 degrees hotter than the fleece side.

For cold therapy, place the pack in a plastic bag and then freeze until the desired level of cold is achieved.

Facial Herbal Heat Pack:

This pack is designed to relax the jaw, open up the sinuses, and put an end to tension headaches.  Lay a tissue on top of the eyes and then place the pack on the face and enjoy.  This pack may also be worn at bedtime to aid in sleeping, and can be used equally well hot or cold.

Neck Herbal Heat Pack:

This pack is designed to treat the Sternocleidomastoid when used with the Facial and Square packs, the large muscle in the neck, which connects the chest, shoulder, and jaw.  We recommend performing neck circles in conjunction with the use of this pack to help with range of motion and stress relief.

Square Herbal Heat Pack:

The square is one of our most versatile packs.  It is small enough to travel with, but large enough for most body parts.  When placed on the upper chest, this pack can be used to treat the Scalene muscles, Clavicle and Sternum area.  It is extremely useful for spot healing, when you have pain in a localized area.

XL Herbal Heat Pack:

This is our extra-large, extra-strength, work horse pack.  When used on the shoulders, including the Trapezius and Rhomboids muscles, our XL Pack is the key to treating the upper back.  This pack works well when placed on the belly for cramps or digestion issues, on the chest for lymphatic aid, and on the legs or feet for circulation problems.  This pack can be used anywhere and everywhere.

Body Aid Herbal Heat Pack:

Originally designed as a chest pack to assist in opening the Lymphatic System for cancer patients, our Body Aid pack can be used anywhere on the body.  When placed down the spine, the entire back can be treated.  If placed on the Hamstrings, Quadriceps, and Hip Flexors, our Body Aid can treat sore, tired legs.  With your doctor’s approval, this pack is also helpful with aches, pains, and blockages of the chest related to pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Foot Booties Herbal Heat Pack:

Our Newest Design.  The Foot Booties were developed to combat Plantar Fasciitis, an inflammation of the tissues connecting the heel bone to the toes.   These booties are also effective in treating the top of the foot and the ankle, specifically the Achilles tendon and Plantar surface (bottom of the foot).

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