Cerebral Spinal Therapy

Cerebral Spinal therapy.

CST is an interesting non-invasive alternative therapy that merits your attention. Non-invasive and drug-free! Does it get any better?

Capable of alleviating such diverse sypmtoms ranging from chronic pain (including migraines, jaw pain and ear infections) to joint stiffness (including spinal cord injuries and coordination issues) right through to alleviating depression, anxiety, dyslexia and autism make CST a bodywork tool that’s just downright impressive.

A CST practitioner works with the bones of the skull, the pelvis and the “information highway” running along the spinal cord itself. Imagine the microscopic pulsing of the fluids slowly running through your system and how they all work together. The slightest distortion can strain your system. Relax on the massage table. Allow Sean to sense your CS rhythm, come to an awareness of places along the column where the pulse is out of balance..and feel the energy change and the symptoms diminish as CST is used to re-establish an unobstructed wave.

As part of Sean’s palette of bodywork tools to bring you back to your healthy body and mind, and to maintain that state of being, CST belongs in your package to wellness.

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Cerebral Spinal Therapy - 30 Minutes

A non-invasive, gentle form of bodywork which, using heat, addresses the bones of the head, spinal column and sacrum, in order to release compression and alleviate pain and stress.

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